by Cydney Posner

Form SD provides that companies are to file the conflict minerals report as Exhibit 1.01, as does the SEC final release.  Last year, however, Exhibit 1.01 was not technically available for EDGAR filings, and the SEC’s EDGAR office advised that the CMR should instead be filed as Exhibit 1.02.

Now, as reported in blog, the SEC has posted an EDGAR  update indicating that the CMR can now be filed as Exhibit 1.01:

“A new exhibit type EX-1.01 will be available on EDGARLink Online for submission form types SD and SD/A. Filers that are filing a Conflict Minerals Report should specify Item 1.02 on a Form SD or SD/A submission and attach the Conflict Minerals Report as EX-1.01 in official ASCII or HTML format. Exhibit type EX-1.02, which was previously allowed on an SD and SD/A submission, will no longer be available on EDGARLink Online or accepted by EDGAR.”

Posted by Cydney Posner