Corp Fin has posted two new CDIs regarding the use of non-GAAP financial measures in connection with business combinations, summarized below:

Question 101.02

In Question 101.01, Corp Fin said that financial measures included in forecasts provided to a financial advisor and used in connection with a business combination transaction were not considered non-GAAP financial measures if certain conditions were met, including disclosure required by law. Why? Because under Item 10(e)(5) of Reg S-K and Rule 101(a)(3) of Reg G, financial measures that are required to be disclosed by GAAP, SEC rules, or an applicable system of regulation of a governmental authority or SRO are not considered non-GAAP measures. New CDI 101.02 provides that if the same forecasts provided to the company’s financial advisor are also provided to its board of directors or a board committee, the financial measures will still be outside the definition of non-GAAP financial measures, so long as the specified conditions are satisfied.

To refresh your recollection, the specified conditions are as follows:

  • “the financial measures are included in forecasts provided to the financial advisor for the purpose of rendering an opinion that is materially related to the business combination transaction; and
  • the forecasts are being disclosed in order to comply with Item 1015 of Regulation M-A or requirements under state or foreign law, including case law, regarding disclosure of the financial advisor’s analyses or substantive work.”

Question 101.03

In this CDI, Corp Fin confirms that, if a registrant determines that forecasts exchanged between the parties in a business combination transaction are material and that disclosure of those forecasts is required to comply with the anti-fraud and other liability provisions of the federal securities laws, the financial measures included in those forecasts would be excluded from the definition of non-GAAP financial measures and, therefore, not subject to Item 10(e) of Reg S-K and Reg G.

Note that former Question 101.02 has been renumbered as 101.04.

Posted by Cydney Posner