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Nasdaq proposes to amend listing rules regarding waivers of code of conduct

Yesterday, the SEC posted, and declared immediately effective, a Nasdaq rule proposal that would modify the requirements related to waiver of the code of conduct in Listing Rules 5610 and IM-5610.  Under current listing rules, all listed companies must adopt a code of conduct (which must meet the definition of a “code of ethics” in SOX 406(c)), applicable to all directors, officers and employees, and make that code publicly available. Each code of conduct must also contain an enforcement mechanism that ensures prompt and consistent enforcement of the code, protection for persons reporting questionable behavior, clear and objective standards for compliance, and a fair process by which to determine violations. Under current listing rules, waivers of the code for directors or executive officers must be approved by the Board and must be publicly disclosed. The proposal expands the approval authority for code waivers and adds new time deadlines for disclosure of code waivers by foreign private issuers.  Companies may want to review their codes of conduct to make changes as appropriate.