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Corp Fin staff extends conditional relief to incorporation of Part III information

Today, the Corp Fin staff provided some additional relief in the context of incorporation of Part III information (very generally, information about directors and executive officers) into Forms 10-K. As you know, a company is allowed to incorporate into its Form 10-K Part III information from its definitive proxy (or information) statement if filed not later than 120 days after the end of the related fiscal year.  If the definitive proxy statement is not timely filed, the company must file an amendment to its Form 10-K by the 120-day deadline to provide the omitted Part III information.  New Form 10-K CDI 104.18 will allow a company to rely on the conditional relief provided by COVID-19 Order (Release No. 34-88465 (March 25, 2020) for the filing of the Part III information as long as the 120-day deadline falls within the relief period specified in the Order (March 1 and July 1, 2020) and the company meets the conditions of the Order (see this PubCo post).