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A nugget about conflict minerals reporting

This from consultant Elm Sustainability: Elm advises that companies working on their conflict minerals reporting should not be surprised to see a decline in the number of their audited smelters and refiners:

Conflict minerals benchmarking study analyzes filings for 2016—was there any progress?

Development International has posted its most recent Conflict Minerals Benchmarking Study, analyzing the results of filings for the 2016 filing period. The study looked at filings submitted by the 1,153 issuers that had filed conflict minerals disclosures as of July 10, 2017.  The number of issuers filing disclosures for 2016 reflected a decline of 5.6% compared to 2015.  Most interesting, however, is that, notwithstanding statements from Corp Fin, echoed by the Acting SEC Chair at the time, advising companies that they would not face enforcement if they filed only a Form SD and did not include a conflict minerals report, the vast majority of companies continued to file conflict minerals reports.

Responses to Corp Fin’s Updated Statement on Conflict Minerals

by Cydney Posner A number of NGOs have issued statements emphatically rejecting Corp Fin’s  Updated Statement on the Effect of the Court of Appeals Decision on the Conflict Minerals Rule and the Acting Chair’s separate Statement on conflict minerals (see this PubCo post) and calling for companies to disregard them and […]

So what should we do about conflict minerals compliance for next year?

by Cydney Posner As of now, Forms SD and conflict minerals reports are still due on May 31, 2017.  With all the discussion, in light of the election results, of rolling back legislation and regulations, through the Financial CHOICE Act and otherwise (see this PubCo post), many are wondering whether […]

Consultants report on conflict minerals due diligence and disclosure for 2015. But has it made a difference for the DRC?

by Cydney Posner Two consulting firms, Assent Compliance and Source Intelligence, have published their studies on conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold) reporting for 2015, the third year of required SEC reporting.  For 2015, there were slightly over 1,200 filers, representing a decrease of about 50 filers from the […]

New study gives mixed reviews to companies filing conflict minerals reports

by Cydney Posner A new study on conflict minerals compliance from Tulane University and Assent Compliance, a compliance software and services firm, revealed that about 90% of filers of conflict minerals reports indicated that they were unable to determine if their products were conflict free, the primary object of the conflict […]