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Corp Fin issues revised CDI regarding disclosure about selling shareholder entities

by Cydney Posner Last week, Corp Fin revised a CDI regarding disclosure about selling shareholder entities and withdrew another CDI on the same topic.

Corp Fin posts two FAST Act CDIs

by Cydney Posner The SEC has posted two new CDIs interpreting provisions of the FAST Act.  Both relate to Section 71003, which allows EGCs to omit from their registration statements certain historical financial statements.  (See this PubCo post.)

Corp Fin posts Reg A/A+ CDIs

by Cydney Posner For the throngs embarking on offerings under new Reg A/A+, Corp Fin has posted a series of CDIs  providing guidance under Rules 251 to 263.  Corp Fin has also withdrawn a couple of CDIs that were previously applicable to Form 1-A.