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Time to say goodbye to the Dodd-Frank Resource Extraction Disclosure Rules? (updated)

by Cydney Posner In an opinion piece in the WSJ, House Majority Leader, Kevin  McCarthy, said that the House will soon be taking “the ax” to the SEC’s rules on Disclosure of Payments by Resource Extraction Issuers, mandated under Dodd-Frank, which, he argued,  added “an unreasonable compliance burden on American energy […]

SEC adopts (again) final rules requiring disclosure of payments to governments by resource extraction issuers—is another legal challenge in the works?

by Cydney Posner Yesterday, the SEC announced that it had adopted final rules, mandated by Section 1504 of Dodd-Frank, that require disclosure on Form SD of certain payments made to the federal and foreign governments by resource extraction issuers in connection with commercial development of oil, gas and mineral rights. The adopting release […]

SEC to issue final Dodd-Frank resource extraction disclosure rule by June 2016 (maybe)

by Cydney Posner As noted in this Law 360 article  and in this thecorporatecounsel.net blog , on Friday, the SEC filed a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking  in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts in connection with Oxfam America v. SEC, the case on the resource extraction disclosure rule. The Notice is in […]