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Staff allows early use of electronic signatures

Today, the SEC staff issued a revised Statement regarding the extension, for an indeterminate period, of temporary relief related to authentication document retention requirements under Rule 302(b) of Reg S-T in light of light of public health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19. This staff Statement is temporary and remains in effect until the staff provides public notice that it no longer will be in effect; that notice will be published at least two weeks before the announced termination date. Nothing new there. But what is new is that the Statement indicates that the staff will not recommend enforcement action if filers take advantage of the new electronic signature rules even before the effective date of those rules.

SEC allows use of electronic signatures

Yesterday, in recognition of the widespread use of electronic signatures, the SEC adopted rules and amendments to permit the use of electronic signatures in signature “authentication documents” required under Reg S-T in connection with electronic SEC filings. In addition, the SEC adopted corresponding revisions to allow the use of electronic signatures for certain other filings. (Separately, the SEC also amended the Rules of Practice to require electronic filing and service of documents in the SEC’s administrative proceedings, not covered in this post.) The new rules were adopted following submission of an incredibly persuasive rulemaking petition from three Silicon Valley law firms—Cooley being one—which was supported in correspondence from almost 100 public companies. The changes will become effective upon publication in the Federal Register.

Rulemaking petition to allow use of e-signatures

Three Silicon Valley firms, Cooley being one, have submitted a rulemaking petition to the SEC asking the SEC to amend Rules 11 and 302 of Reg S-T to allow the use of electronic signatures in SEC filings.   Although the staff has granted some flexibility in connection with retention of manual signatures in its Statement Regarding Rule 302(b) of Regulation S-T in Light of COVID-19 Concerns, the petition contends that, given current health and safety requirements, “obtaining and retaining manual signatures in compliance with the Staff Statement remains a significant logistical burden.”