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New CDIs on stock buybacks and foreign private issuers

In May, the SEC adopted a proposal intended to modernize and improve disclosure regarding company stock repurchases.  One fortunate aspect of the final rules—for domestic companies, that is—was that the new rule did away with the proposed new Form SR for reporting of daily repurchase data by domestic companies and, instead, moved to quarterly reporting of detailed quantitative information on daily repurchase activity, to be filed as exhibits to companies’ periodic reports.  But that was not the case for foreign private issuers. The final rules require FPIs that report on FPI forms to disclose daily quantitative repurchase data at the end of every quarter on new Form F-SR, due 45 days after the end of the FPI’s fiscal quarter.  Some commenters on the proposal had suggested exempting FPIs that already make repurchase disclosure under home-country rules, but the SEC elected not to do so in light of its view that the detailed disclosure would be beneficial for all investors in companies that conduct repurchases. The SEC noted, however, that, if an FPI’s home country disclosures furnished on Form 6-K satisfy the Form F-SR requirements, it can incorporate those disclosures by reference into its Form F-SR. (See this PubCo post.) 

Now, Corp Fin has issued three new CDIs, summarized below, related to new Form F-SR addressing reporting in the absence of repurchases and reporting for the final fiscal quarter.

Diversity for foreign private issuers

Countries outside the U.S. have sometimes been trendsetters when it comes to board diversity.  For example, according to the California’s board gender diversity bill, SB 826, signed into law in 2018, “in 2003, Norway was the first country to legislate a mandatory 40 percent quota for female representation on corporate boards.” Under Nasdaq’s board diversity rules (see this PubCo post), board diversity encompasses more than gender diversity—it also includes persons who self-identify as underrepresented minorities or LGBTQ+. Nasdaq’s new diversity rules also apply to foreign private issuers. What does “board diversity” mean for foreign private issuers and non-US companies considering US IPOs? Does it focus solely on women or does it have a broader scope?  Who are “underrepresented individuals in home country jurisdiction”?  These questions and more are addressed in this fascinating piece, Board Diversity for Foreign Private Issuers: Does Board Diversity Mean the Same Thing Worldwide?, from Cooley’s Singapore office, posted on the Cooley CapitalXchange blog.

CDI salmagundi (QIBs, foreign private issuers, Reg S and more)

by Cydney Posner Earlier this month, Corp Fin recently released a slew of new CDIs relating to qualified institutional buyers under Rule 144A as well as all things international. Dedicated to those who like to  Below are summaries.