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BlackRock sets its priorities for board engagement

by Cydney Posner

Asset management firm BlackRock (reportedly the largest, with $5.1 trillion under management) has identified its “Investment Stewardship” priorities for 2017-2018, intended to help companies prepare for engaging with BlackRock. Among the hot topics are governance (including board composition and diversity), corporate strategy for long-term value creation in light of shifting assumptions, executive pay linked to long-term strategy, climate risk disclosure and human capital management.  According to BlackRock, its engagement process is designed to be constructive, and its goal is “to build mutual understanding and ask probing questions, not to tell companies what to do. Where we believe a company’s business or governance practices fall short, we explain our concerns and expectations, and then allow time for a considered response.” However, Blackrock’s approach is not limited to engagement; although, as a long-term investor, the firm will be “patient” as companies work to address concerns, in the absence of progress, BlackRock “will not hesitate to exercise our right to vote against management recommendations.” Continue reading

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