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Should non-GAAP financial measures be audited?

by Cydney Posner At a meeting yesterday of the PCAOB’s Investor Advisory Group, two working groups reported on topics that might be of particular interest: non-GAAP financial measures and enhanced audit reports.

Establishing disclosure controls for non-GAAP financial measures

by Cydney Posner With the spotlight now on non-GAAP financial measures, companies might find this article in CFO.com to be particularly useful.  The article provides practical guidance to help companies establish effective disclosure controls and procedures for non-GAAP financial measures.

When the SEC speaks about non-GAAP measures, it turns out that most companies listen

by Cydney Posner In this article, the WSJ reports on new data, prepared for the WSJ by Audit Analytics, showing how faithfully companies have conformed their disclosures to the recent guidance from the Corp Fin staff on non-GAAP financial measures. (See this PubCo post.)   As more and more companies have prominently […]

Study shows more restatements and internal control weaknesses among “heavy users” of non-GAAP measures

by Cydney Posner The non-GAAP financial measures pile-on continues. Certainly, the SEC has recently been making the public-speaking rounds and issuing CDIs warning companies of its concern about abuses of non-GAAP metrics, such as substituting individually tailored revenue recognition and measurement methods for those of GAAP or using a non-GAAP measure […]

Center for Audit Quality provides tool to help audit committees assess non-GAAP financial measures

by Cydney Posner The Center for Audit Quality has released a new tool, Questions on Non-GAAP Measures: A Tool for Audit Committees, to help audit committees cope with non-GAAP financial measures (NGFMs).  Rather than provide a checklist, the CAQ provides examples of sample questions that audit committees should consider asking of management […]

Corp Fin Chief Accountant sheds more light on non-GAAP CDIs

by Cydney Posner In a webcast yesterday, “Non-GAAP Disclosures: The SEC Speaks,” sponsored by TheCorporateCounsel.net, Corp Fin Chief Accountant Mark Kronforst, speaking for himself and not the SEC, shed more light on the recent guidance from the Corp Fin staff on non-GAAP financial measures (NGFMs). (See this PubCo post.)   Kronforst […]

Increasing prevalence of non-GAAP measures in proxy statements

by Cydney Posner According to the WSJ, 2016 saw the biggest gap since 2009 between non-GAAP pro forma results and GAAP results. But non-GAAP measures are not just proliferating in earnings releases, they are also proliferating in proxy statements.  The WSJ article reports that, according to Audit Analytics, the term […]

SEC posts new and revised CDIs on non-GAAP financial measures

by Cydney Posner The SEC’s verbal blitzkrieg on abuses of non-GAAP financial measures has finally made its way into some new and revised CDIs. As discussed in this PubCo post, in early May, SEC Deputy Chief Accountant Wesley Bricker, speaking before the 2016 Baruch College Financial Reporting Conference, emphasized that the […]

SEC staff continues to admonish companies on problematic use of non-GAAP measures

by Cydney Posner In remarks today before the 2016 Baruch College Financial Reporting Conference, SEC Deputy Chief Accountant Wesley Bricker discussed one of the SEC’s topics du jour, non-GAAP reporting.  Recently, the SEC and staff (Chair White, Chief Accountant James Schnurr, Corp Fin Director Keith Higgins) have been barnstorming the […]

SEC Chief Accountant addresses the new revenue recognition standard in the context of the life sciences industry

by Cydney Posner In late March, SEC Chief Accountant, James Schnurr, delivered remarks before the 12th Annual Life Sciences Accounting and Reporting Congress.   The remarks addressed the new revenue recognition standard and internal control over financial reporting as applied in particular to life sciences companies, and also cautioned companies regarding […]