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What’s on the Agenda—the SEC’s Regulatory Flexibility Agenda, that is?

SEC Chair Jay Clayton has repeatedly made a point of his intent to take the Regulatory Flexibility Act Agenda ”seriously,” streamlining it to show what the SEC actually expected to take up in the subsequent period. (See this PubCo post and this PubCo post.)  The agenda has just been released, and it certainly appears that Clayton has been true to his word: several items that had taken up long-term residency on numerous prior agendas seem to be absent from this one.

SEC posts Regulatory Flexibility Agenda for 2017

by Cydney Posner As noted in Broc’s blog on thecorporatecounsel.net, the SEC has posted its  Regulatory Flexibility Agenda for 2017.  And, as Broc observes, these agendas are, to borrow his characterization, purely “aspirational,” and do not commit the SEC to take any of the actions identified or preclude its taking […]