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NYSE proposes change to conform to new SEC definition of smaller reporting company

The NYSE has proposed a change to Section 303A.00 of the Listed Company Manual  related to the exemption from the compensation committee requirements applicable to smaller reporting companies. (See this Cooley Alert.) The amendment is intended to conform the Section to the new SEC rules related to SRCs.

Right after celebrating its second birthday, proposal to change the definition of “smaller reporting company” is adopted (updated)

[This post has been updated to reflect the adopting release, which has now been posted here, as well as posted statements from the Commissioners.] The pressure has been coming from all directions—the Congress, the Treasury—indeed, there’s been nary an advisory committee that hasn’t weighed in on this topic: time for the SEC to change the definition of “smaller reporting company.” After all, the proposal has just celebrated its second birthday—has it aged like a fine wine or is it moldy and stinky  like an old piece of cheese?   The verdict: moldy cheese that made no one happy, but they all ate it anyway.

SEC proposes to allow more companies to qualify as smaller reporting companies

by Cydney Posner Without holding an open meeting, the SEC has proposed changes to the definition of a “smaller reporting company” that would raise the financial cap from “less than $75 million” in public float to “less than $250 million,” allowing more companies to take advantage of the scaled disclosures […]

SEC adopts rules to implement two provisions of the FAST Act

by Cydney Posner The SEC has approved interim final rules  implementing two provisions of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.  As you may recall, the FAST Act was signed into law in early December and contained several measures that modified the JOBS Act or otherwise related to capital raising for […]

Corp Fin “announcement” provides some guidance on changes resulting from the FAST Act (repaired)

by Cydney Posner On December 10, 2015, Corp Fin issued an announcement  highlighting changes in the securities laws resulting from the FAST Act.  As previously discussed in this PubCo post, this transportation bill contains several measures that modify the JOBS Act or otherwise relate to capital raising for emerging growth companies, disclosure modernization, the […]

President signs FAST Act (updated December 10, 2015)

by Cydney Posner The President has signed the FAST Act into law.  As previously discussed, this transportation bill contains several measures that modify the JOBS Act or otherwise relate to capital raising for emerging growth companies, disclosure modernization, the development of secondary markets and the registration process for smaller companies.  On […]

Senate passes FAST Act

by Cydney Posner The Hill is reporting that the “Senate approved a five-year, $305 billion highway bill [the FAST Act] Thursday, sending it to President Obama with just one day to spare before the scheduled expiration of the nation’s road and transit spending.  The measure passed by a 83-16 tally, […]

FAST Act passes House

by Cydney Posner Reuters reports: “In a show of Congressional bipartisanship, the House of Representatives voted 359 to 65 to send the $305 billion legislation [the FAST Act] to the Senate. It is widely expected to be approved and forwarded to the White House for President Barack Obama’s signature before […]

Provisions to modify the JOBS Act and otherwise benefit smaller companies survive conference and will soon be up for vote

by Cydney Posner As discussed in this PubCo post, HR 22, now called the “FAST Act” – it was the “DRIVE Act” and before that the “Hire More Heroes Act” – is not just about transportation and highways (as important as that may be).  Buried in the bill are several […]

A few nuggets for smaller companies buried in the Drive Act

by Cydney Posner The House has passed a new transportation bill, HR 22, the “Drive Act” – not normally something to write about in the PubCo blog. (Originally, this bill appears to have been the “Hire More Heroes Act,” but was somehow transformed into the Drive Act – go figure.) […]